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Vending Wishes

Today’s question can be found HERE

Soft drinks, electronics, nutrient-free snacks — you can get all of those from a vending machine. But what type of vending machine is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist? Share your automated retail fantasies with us!

You know what? They need a vending machine that dispenses recharging cords – like for cellphones, Kindles and that sort of thing. I think they would do well. After all, people must lose them all the time because we are always finding them in rooms after the patient was dismissed.

Heck, when I worked at the hotel, we had a whole BOX of chargers because people left them behind ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes someone would come up to the front desk and say they needed a charger. No problem! BAM! Out came the box. Just pick one that fits your phone. Keep it if you’d like. There are plenty more where these came from.


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  1. my thoughts exactly! check out my post if you like.. 😉

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