Being Creative One Day at a Time

Let me see… things that have caps…


1. Teeth have caps, or crowns? One or the other or both, I think. I bet you can get them in different colors now… or will be able to do so in the future. Teens are big on the whole individualization crap. Just look at all the freaks running around with face tattoos and those huge Buddha things in their ears. Plugs, yes, they’re called plugs. Pity, I was hoping they were caps.
2. Bottles have caps, or used to. Now they have twist tops but I’m sure there are a few throwbacks that still use caps.
3. People have caps, or hats. I think you can use the two interchangeably, more or less
4. Hubcaps! Decorative your car with individualized hubcaps!
5. Medicare taxes have a cap. I don’t remember what it is, but I think ALL income should be taxed for Medicare. I think it would help solve some of our Medicare issues, that and the government just keeping their greedy paws off of money set aside for the people for a reason! Hands off you greedy pigs!
6. Graduates – both high school and college – wear caps. Not every day caps, like baseball caps of whatever, but special graduation caps. Mine was green. Go, Bunnies!
7. You know what, I can’t think of any other caps off the top of my head. And I still have almost five minutes left.

No wait! Caps! Guns! Like, “I’m gonna put a cap in your ass!” Gangster trash talk. Yet another part of our society we would be better off without.

I’m running out of ideas for caps. There are probably plenty more but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I’ll probably be smacking myself in the forehead later when an idea strikes – like lightning – but for right now I’m done.

Stick a fork in this girl. Bwak! Bwak! Polly wanna a cracker! Or another thing that has a cap…

Dynamite? Does that have a cap? No, that’s a stick. Blast cap! YES! ONE MORE FOR THE HOME TEAM! WHOO!

EDIT: My husband has informed me that the proper term is ‘blasting cap’. Close enough for me.


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