Being Creative One Day at a Time

Quality Time

Who is the last person you spent quality time with?

I think that kind of depends on what your definition of quality time is. Is a man’s idea of quality time different than a woman’s? It might be, it might not be.

When I think of quality time, I think of being with someone and having their undivided attention. When I spend time with my husband, we are often doing the every day things – preparing meals, grocery shopping, watching TV or playing video games together, even yard work, which I absolutely hate doing. But a lot of the time we spend time on our computers in two separate rooms.

I don’t really consider that quality time. We are doing the necessary things in life with a few ‘fun’ things thrown in for good measure, but when we’re watching TV, our attention is more focused on the show. Or the video game. We aren’t focused on each other.

Now that I think of it, that’s kind of sad. I should reach out for some real quality time because sitting in front of the TV and not talking is NOT my idea of quality time. I need to do something about that because it can’t be healthy for a relationship.

So… I guess to answer the question, the last person I spent real quality time with was my sister. But I wish I could have answered the question by saying, “My husband.”


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