Being Creative One Day at a Time

I received the follow writing prompt in my email from I signed up for her daily writing prompts mailing list. You are allowed ten minutes to write. She says to write by hand, in your notebook, but my handwriting is horrible and I prefer typing on my computer.

Now, on to the prompt:

“Write a scene that takes place in the cereal aisle of the grocery store.”

Samantha made her way slowly down the cereal aisle, past the colorful boxes and cartoon characters that grinned out at her. The fluorescent lights above traced shimmery trails along the polished floor.

She picked out boxes at random, scanned the nutritional information, her brows knitting tighter with each successive box. Sugar this, sugar that, sugar, sugar, sugar.

A blue smocked employee – a thin, middle aged woman with graying hair swept up in a sleek bun – smiled at her as she passed. “May I help you?”

“Yes,” Samantha returned her smile, “do you have anything healthy?”

The woman chuckled. “Sure, what’re you looking for?”

“Something with a lot less sugar in it.”

The employee, whose name tag read ‘Diane’, looked almost furtively up and down the aisle. “You’re not going to find anything like that here,” She said in a conspiratorial undertone.

“You’re probably right,” Samantha agreed. “What would you suggest for a healthy breakfast?”

“A bowl of oatmeal with a real fruit stirred in. I like blueberries myself. Lots of antioxidants. Very good for you. ”


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