Being Creative One Day at a Time

Longing for Gravity

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There are so many things I’d miss! Too many to name because there are so many wonderful things here on this planet.

I would miss Winter.

The squeaking crunch of snow under your feet. The way your breath forms cartoon speech bubbles with every exhale. Building snowmen and coming in after to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa.

I would miss Spring.

The watercolor wash of green on the trees that tell you that, yes, Winter is finally over. Cherry blossoms and lilacs. Each breath long and lingering as you drown in the bouquet of New Life. The emergence of green grass and the return of the robins!

I would miss the Summer.

Ah, summer! My favorite time of year! Fresh air, warm golden sunshine gleaming on summer leaves. The smell of freshly cut grass. Duckies! And birdsong in the early morning.

I would miss the Autumn. Red, yellow, orange, the world is aflame in color. A swirling rainbow of leaves. Cool, crisp days and the bluest skies you’ll see all year.

I would miss too much. I would miss the familiar. Mars can wait. I’m staying home.


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