Being Creative One Day at a Time

Chores Are Done

Weekends are for chores. No if, and, or but about it.

Saturday evenings I dust the window blinds, overhead lights, and ceiling fans. After that, I use a Swifter to clean the tile floors in the kitchen, foyer, laundry room and bathroom. Finally, I clean the toilet.

On Sundays, I vacuum the rugs in the foyer and laundry room. Then I dust the baseboards, door frames and air vents. After that I use a Swifter to wipe all the mats, clean all of the tile floors – again – and then I damp mop all the floors.

After the floors are done, I help my husband vacuum the mat by the patio door and from the main bathroom.

Finally I get to relax and take a nice hot shower while my husband vacuums the bedroom, living room and the ‘Office’, where I spend most of my time in front of my computer.

Finally, I clean out the tub and chores are over!

Except for laundry, which is in the washing machine, and the future dishes that will fill our sink when I make my lunch for tomorrow. And then there will be dinner dishes.

Some things are never-ending. *sigh*

What are some of the chores you have to do on a daily/weekly basis?


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