Being Creative One Day at a Time

I had to go to my online checking account to find out the answer to that question because I am absolutely HORRIBLE at keeping a checkbook.

I love online checking. I really do. It’s such a bother to keep track of everything in my checkbook. You make one little mistake or forget to log in an expense and BOOM! Next thing you know, you’re overdrawn and getting hit with a huge overdraft charge up to $35, which is overkill, I think, for a measly $0.03 error in mathematics.

It’s not fair! It’s not right! It should be illegal!

Some might call the excessive overdraft charges out and out theft.

I wouldn’t disagree.

Fortunately, I discovered online checking several years ago. And I have greatly reduced the number of overdraft charges I’ve incurred. It’s saved me tons of aggravation and money, believe me.

As to how much is currently in my checking account? Well, that’s really no ones business but my own.


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