Being Creative One Day at a Time

No Phone Zone

Rain was coming down steadily yesterday morning while my husband was taking me to work. Not torrential by any definition of the word, but more than enough to get good and wet. Traffic, understandably, was running a bit slow. As well it should.

At one point we pulled up along an SUV. As we were approaching, I noticed a decal on the back that said “No Phone Zone” enclosed in a red circle with a slash across it a la Ghostbusters and No Smoking signs everywhere.

The SUV was being driven by a late-middle aged woman and as we passed, I smiled and said, “You go, Grandma!”

(Granted, I don’t know she was a grandmother or not but the odds are definitely in my favor so you’ll have to forgive me for making assumptions. No harm was intended. But I bet she was a grandmother, and a responsible driver, to boot.)

I don’t believe that people should be talking or texting on their cell phones while driving – or doing anything else that might take their attention off the road. I’ve seen people reading newspapers and putting on makeup while behind the wheel.


When behind the wheel you should be paying attention to the road and the drivers around you. Who knows, they might be distracted while driving, too, so WATCH OUT!


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