Being Creative One Day at a Time

I had no idea that October was National Dollhouse and Miniatures Month until my twin and I stepped foot in the library. There, right near the front, was a large display of miniature dollhouses with wee furniture and even pictures on the walls sitting side by side with shoebox miniature displays encased behind glass.

How precious!

I never had a dollhouse when growing up. To be honest, I didn’t really like Barbie dolls or baby dolls. But the little miniatures were cool. Never owned any, but still really cool.
The displays were so intricate! One house had a chimney made up of little colorful pebbles. It must have taken hours to create that detail alone.

Talk about dedication!

So what about you guys? Are any of you into creating dollhouse/shoebox displays? Did you play with miniatures when you were children? Do you still enjoy them as adults?


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