Being Creative One Day at a Time

Can I only pick one? Because I don’t know if I can pick just one. Maybe a few per season? Can I do that?

Why not? I’m going to do that.

My favorite sounds for Winter include the crunch of snow under my feet and the sharp cracking of ice breaking.

Spring brings the soft patter of rain and the beautiful chorus of birdsong with each sunrise.

Summer! Ah, Summer! My favorite season of all! You give me the ocean-like rustle of leaves, the deep rumbling of thunder, and the drone of the cicada.

Autumn, I have not forgotten you. Again, the rustling of leaves, but a sharper, drier sound. The shwish-shwish of kicking through a leaf-drift on the sidewalk. The honking of geese as they fly overhead to their winter vacation spots.

What are some of your favorite sounds?


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