Being Creative One Day at a Time

A Color Challenge

I read about this in a post yesterday and thought it was an excellent idea. Simply type in your favorite color into Pixaby and select one of the photos presented.

My favorite color is yellow, especially golden yellow. Weak, pastel yellows are okay, but are by no means my favorite. Let’s not even mention neon. NO THANKS. Golden yellow is a bright, bold yellow. It’s a color that stands up and demands attention.

The photo I selected depicts golden leaves against an October blue sky. Gorgeous isn’t it? While autumn is not my favorite season, I do admire its color schemes. Reds, yellows, oranges are colors which are warm, bold, and eye catching. Everything I’d like to be but am not.

I’ve noticed that while yellow is my favorite color, I don’t own a single article of clothing that is yellow. Except the hat and scarf I knitted last year, of course. I know that if I could have found a yellow I liked in the stores – a strong, bold GOLDEN yellow – no pastel or neon, please – I’d have more.


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