Being Creative One Day at a Time

Insurance Form Frustration

Today was my day off, but it was far from relaxing.

It is Insurance Enrollment / Re-Enrollment time at my work. And, guess what? Our premiums are going up AGAIN. Thank you, Obama.

You must complete all forms online, either at work or accessing the site from home. The deadline is November 7th. If you miss the deadline, you are out of luck until the next enrollment period. Isn’t that just grand?

I don’t know why we can’t do things via paper like we used to. I believe I may have mentioned that I get frustrated (read VERY ANGRY) when trying to work on unfamiliar computer stuff. Add insurance nonsense to the equation and I suffer from a hefty dose of Irrational Rage.

Today was no exception.

It didn’t help at all that we were having some sort of ‘Compatibility’ issues. What was showing up on sections of the screen was a bunch of numbers and letters which made NO sense. Needless to say, I surged from zero to RAGE in six seconds flat.

Thank goodness for my husband. He is a calm, rational man. It was his idea to call the help number listed on the instruction sheet I had gotten from work earlier this week.

He placed the call, and once he got through to an operator, he handed the phone to me. After explaining the problem, the operator immediately put me on hold for a ridiculous amount of time.

Finally, we were able to clear up the problem. I finished filling out our insurance forms without another hitch. And I won’t have to worry about doing this for another year.



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