Being Creative One Day at a Time

The Latest Thing? Tsu

Tsu (pronounced SUE) is a new social media site that’s a lot like Facebook in setup. One main difference between the two sites is that at Tsu it is possible to make money with your original content.

I heard about this site last week while browsing through random Bubbles. The idea was intriguing. Who wouldn’t want to earn money doing things they already do online for free?

Another difference between Facebook and Tsu is that you can only join Tsu by invitation or if you use another member’s short code. Once you join, you receive your own short code that you can use to invite your own friends or acquaintances.

Before joining Bubblews, I used to spend a lot of time on Facebook to keep in touch with family. I didn’t go around friending strangers like I’ve done here on Bubblews. The idea may sound weird, but how are you going to meet and learn about other people if you don’t interact with them?

I think Tsu may be helpful in that regards. It is interesting to read about other peoples ideas and opinions. Maybe it will help me to break out of this self-contained bubble I’ve found myself in (no pun intended).

It could happen.

I’d love to meet more Bubblews people on Tsu. Or WordPress or LiveJournal, or any of the other sites that I spend time on. The more the merrier, as they say.

Here is my short code:

If you are already on the site, feel free to stop by and say hello.


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