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One Minute Writer

I discovered a new blog today while searching for writing prompts. It’s called the One-Minute Writer. You can find it on Blogger . I actually have a Blogger account but I seldom if ever use it. I prefer LiveJournal and WordPress for some reason.

You may have noticed that a lot of what I post is inspired by writing prompts. Why?

Well, my personal life is not very interesting for starters. And I’m not always comfortable sharing details of my day to day existence with strangers. Most of those sort of posts are on LiveJournal where I can control exactly who can and cannot read them. Or I can keep them private, which I do more often than not these days.

If you’re a writer looking for inspiration or trying to break out of the dreaded writer’s block, check them out.

Today was Six Word Saturday and you can find the post and my response below:

Weekend off, playing catch-up all day.


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