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While I was cleaning a room today at the hospital today, I glanced out the window. The view isn’t grand or inspiring, just the Visitors Parking Lot and the city of Omaha stretching out beyond. But today something caught my attention.

There was a man and a woman on the top level heading toward their car. Nothing unusual about that. But then the woman stretched out her arms like a child playing airplane. And then she skipped the rest of the way to their car.

This stayed with me throughout the rest of the day for some reason.

When was the last time I was so excited or energetic that I SKIPPED anywhere? I couldn’t tell you. And that’s kind of sad when you stop and think about it.

I couldn’t skip anyway considering the shape of my right knee and heel these days. But wouldn’t it be nice to experience the same happiness and enthusiasm we did when we were young?


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