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Flavor #32

Today’s question can be found HERE

A local ice cream parlor invites you to create a new wacky flavor. It needs to channel the very essence of your personality. What’s in it?

Channel the very essence of my personality? But there are so many different aspects of my personality, depending on who I’m spending time with…

Okay. Down to business at hand. Let’s see.

Vanilla is quiet and a bit reserved, with swirls of chocolate – rich, yummy, chocolate because I can be sweet. And who doesn’t love chocolate, I mean, REALLY? Counter this with chocolate covered coffee beans because I am sometimes VERY hyper and at other times surprisingly bitter. Add a handful of nuts – almonds, preferably – because I can be, well, nutty. And toss in a bit of salty pretzel because my language can be quiet salty at times and the unexpected crunch can sometimes take people unawares.


Vending Wishes

Today’s question can be found HERE

Soft drinks, electronics, nutrient-free snacks — you can get all of those from a vending machine. But what type of vending machine is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist? Share your automated retail fantasies with us!

You know what? They need a vending machine that dispenses recharging cords – like for cellphones, Kindles and that sort of thing. I think they would do well. After all, people must lose them all the time because we are always finding them in rooms after the patient was dismissed.

Heck, when I worked at the hotel, we had a whole BOX of chargers because people left them behind ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes someone would come up to the front desk and say they needed a charger. No problem! BAM! Out came the box. Just pick one that fits your phone. Keep it if you’d like. There are plenty more where these came from.