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My Love for Puppets

The above photo is mine: It’s two of my white mouse puppets, Buzz (the one in the blue sunglasses) and Gerkie. My sister, Heidi, bought Buzz for me about a year ago. We found him at the Barnes & Nobles and he was just too cute and fuzzy to ignore!

Gerkie was a gift from a former librarian named Jodi. Very nice lady. I always bring Chu-ko with me when I go to the library and she said she had a white mouse puppet that was sitting on her desk unused and asked if I would like her.

Would I? You bet! The white mouse puppets are my favorite! Not just because they are cute – because they ARE – but because I have small hands and these glove puppets fit just like a… well, a glove. LOL

The youtube video below was posted years ago and features my first (and most used) white mouse puppet, Chu-ko.