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Video Game Creativity… Who Knew?

Over the summer, my twin introduced me to the video game, Grand Theft Auto IV. One night in early August, we started composing haiku while playing. I had recently finished reading “Haiku: Poetry Ancient & Modern” edited by Jackie Hardy and was feeling inspired.

I started with a haiku tree, (similar to a drabble tree) where you start each new haiku with the last line of the one before it. Things took off from there.

Now, technically, these aren’t really haiku, I guess. But they have the requisite 5-7-5 format so that’s good enough for me.


On a Tuesday night
screech of tires, splash of blood
mayhem on the streets

Mayhem on the streets
traffic signals mean nothing
“Nico! It’s the pigs!”

“Nico! It’s the pigs!”
Man, I wish I had a gun
desperate high speed chase

Desperate high speed chase
Let’s ditch them in an alley
watch the pigs fly by

Watch the pigs fly by
Time to carjack a new ride
On with the mission

The rest were free-style, more or less, depending a lot upon what was taking place in the game at the time the haiku was composed.

With gun in hand
running over hooded punks
look at all that green!

Dented front bumper
hitting everything in sight
Whoops! Sorry, my bad!

Plowing through a crowd
“Get off the sidewalk, sucka!”
I feel like Christine

Life is running low
could’ve used a hot dog
but there was no time

Stole a mini van
to get away from the cops
never live that down

Was that on purpose?!
A slow motion leap of faith
stunt jump completed

Honestly, I liked my sister’s haiku a lot better. Very creative stuff.