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One Minute Writer

I discovered a new blog today while searching for writing prompts. It’s called the One-Minute Writer. You can find it on Blogger . I actually have a Blogger account but I seldom if ever use it. I prefer LiveJournal and WordPress for some reason.

You may have noticed that a lot of what I post is inspired by writing prompts. Why?

Well, my personal life is not very interesting for starters. And I’m not always comfortable sharing details of my day to day existence with strangers. Most of those sort of posts are on LiveJournal where I can control exactly who can and cannot read them. Or I can keep them private, which I do more often than not these days.

If you’re a writer looking for inspiration or trying to break out of the dreaded writer’s block, check them out.

Today was Six Word Saturday and you can find the post and my response below:

Weekend off, playing catch-up all day.


Writing Prompts

As I’ve mentioned in the About Me section, I have dreams of someday becoming a published writer. I used to write fan fiction for many years and now I am confident enough in my own skills to give ‘real’ writing a shot.

That’s a lot easier said than done, though. Sometimes I just don’t have any ideas and at other times I have ideas but can’t find the right words to express what I’m trying to say. Or I don’t have the time. I’m afraid that that is often the biggest reason many of us don’t seem to be able to get anywhere with our writing.

Lack of time is a real problem for me. Real life gets in the way. A lot. And then there’s the job, the cooking, cleaning, social obligations, the list goes on and on. I often find myself just… not writing. Sometimes months and months go by without me writing a single thing. It’s frustrating because I know that the best way to get writing is to put butt in chair and WRITE.

I often sit down, turn on Microsoft Word and just stare at that blinking cursor. It mocks me. It LAUGHS at me. I hate it.

I’ve found that writing prompts often help when I don’t have any ideas of my own. I used to belong to several writing communities on LiveJournal but I haven’t been very active of late. But I don’t want to write fan fiction anymore. I want to create my own stories.

So, where do you get your best writing prompts? Do you do a random Google search or do you know of some very interesting blogs that offer prompts? I’d love to hear from other writers, whether they’re published or not.

Where do you find your best writing prompts? Magazines? Websites? Blogs? Tell me. I’m all ears.

Writing Prompt for 9/27/2014

I received the follow writing prompt in my email from I signed up for her daily writing prompts mailing list. You are allowed ten minutes to write. She says to write by hand, in your notebook, but my handwriting is horrible and I prefer typing on my computer.

Now, on to the prompt:

“Write a scene that takes place in the cereal aisle of the grocery store.”

Samantha made her way slowly down the cereal aisle, past the colorful boxes and cartoon characters that grinned out at her. The fluorescent lights above traced shimmery trails along the polished floor.

She picked out boxes at random, scanned the nutritional information, her brows knitting tighter with each successive box. Sugar this, sugar that, sugar, sugar, sugar.

A blue smocked employee – a thin, middle aged woman with graying hair swept up in a sleek bun – smiled at her as she passed. “May I help you?”

“Yes,” Samantha returned her smile, “do you have anything healthy?”

The woman chuckled. “Sure, what’re you looking for?”

“Something with a lot less sugar in it.”

The employee, whose name tag read ‘Diane’, looked almost furtively up and down the aisle. “You’re not going to find anything like that here,” She said in a conspiratorial undertone.

“You’re probably right,” Samantha agreed. “What would you suggest for a healthy breakfast?”

“A bowl of oatmeal with a real fruit stirred in. I like blueberries myself. Lots of antioxidants. Very good for you. ”

Write a list titled, “Things that have caps.”

Let me see… things that have caps…


1. Teeth have caps, or crowns? One or the other or both, I think. I bet you can get them in different colors now… or will be able to do so in the future. Teens are big on the whole individualization crap. Just look at all the freaks running around with face tattoos and those huge Buddha things in their ears. Plugs, yes, they’re called plugs. Pity, I was hoping they were caps.
2. Bottles have caps, or used to. Now they have twist tops but I’m sure there are a few throwbacks that still use caps.
3. People have caps, or hats. I think you can use the two interchangeably, more or less
4. Hubcaps! Decorative your car with individualized hubcaps!
5. Medicare taxes have a cap. I don’t remember what it is, but I think ALL income should be taxed for Medicare. I think it would help solve some of our Medicare issues, that and the government just keeping their greedy paws off of money set aside for the people for a reason! Hands off you greedy pigs!
6. Graduates – both high school and college – wear caps. Not every day caps, like baseball caps of whatever, but special graduation caps. Mine was green. Go, Bunnies!
7. You know what, I can’t think of any other caps off the top of my head. And I still have almost five minutes left.

No wait! Caps! Guns! Like, “I’m gonna put a cap in your ass!” Gangster trash talk. Yet another part of our society we would be better off without.

I’m running out of ideas for caps. There are probably plenty more but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I’ll probably be smacking myself in the forehead later when an idea strikes – like lightning – but for right now I’m done.

Stick a fork in this girl. Bwak! Bwak! Polly wanna a cracker! Or another thing that has a cap…

Dynamite? Does that have a cap? No, that’s a stick. Blast cap! YES! ONE MORE FOR THE HOME TEAM! WHOO!

EDIT: My husband has informed me that the proper term is ‘blasting cap’. Close enough for me.

Write about a character named Dr. Spool

I signed up for daily writing prompts from Now, whether or not I’ll actually do a writing prompt each day is debatable. My vacation is over tomorrow and I don’t want to go back! *cries* There goes a huge hunk of my day right there. But we’ll see what we’ll see.

Dr. Spool was a kindly old doctor from a small town in Iowa. For years he had paid house visits to his patients, but as time passed and his patients grew old, or even died, newer patients preferred going to the hospital or clinics for treatment. It wasn’t that Dr. Spool, whose given name was Marty, didn’t like hospitals – what kind of doctor would he be if he admitted such a thing – but he felt that the personal approach he ha become accustomed to was missing. Everything was far more streamlined than it should be.

He had colleges who only saw their patients for a few minutes at a time. Hardly enough time to really get to know them as anything but a name or patient number. No personal service at all. That wasn’t what medicine was supposed to be about. Medicine was getting to know someone, their personal life and history, their family, their problems. He called it treating the whole person and not just their symptoms or disorders. THAT was what medicine was supposed to be about. Helping people, not just making money.

Now he sat at the bedside of one of his oldest patients, Lillian. Her white hair was cut into a short serviceable bob because she no longer had the dexterity to deal with her long hair. Her gnarled fingers couldn’t manage making a braid. It was a pity, Dr Spool, thought, for her hair had been lovely. Truly one of her best features.

He spoke to her quietly, holding that cold gnarled hand. He wanted to comfort her as best he could. The cancer had returned and was just as aggressive as ever. There was nothing more they could do for her other than to make her as comfortable as possible in her last days.

Could a modern doctor who flitted in and out of a patient’s room or examination room in a sterile clinic really offer much in the way of comfort? They seemed to hardly know the person. Really know them. Such news as he was giving to his life long patient should be delivered by a friend. Not just a doctor.

And he was her friend. Always had been. Always would be. Just like all of his other patients that weren’t really patients at all. But family in the truest sense of the word.